Oils & Burners


Essential Oil 10 & 50 ml

Product Code 233

Pure essential  oil in 10 ml or 50 ml bottles. Available in 80 + scents.  High quality.  100%  pure essential oils are preferred by soap makers, home candle makers and aromatherapists etc. 

All our oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subject to rigorous quality control standards.

For prices see drop down box, price varies depending on scent & size you want

Gift Jar Wax Melts

Product Code 1357

Calming and relaxing. Creating the perfect aromatic setting for therapeutic treatments. Melt
Melt time: 10 hours approx
Per jar: Hight: 8 cm , Diameter: 7 cm Weight 250 g
Per wax melt: 1 x 2.5 cm ( approx 16 pieces per jar)
Material: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Glass Jar

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Fragrance Oil Individual

Product Code 206
Large 10 ml or 15 ml, bottles of quality fragrance oils. Ideal for oil burners or refreshing up pot-pourri. Or put a few drops in your bath.

Bulk Essential Oil

Product Code 1466

All our oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subject to rigorous quality control standards. They are packed in large amber bottles especially for bulk users.  Packed to order & batch coded and labelled to show a best before date.   Prices reflect a 10-30%  saving on the 50 ml prices by volume. Oils are sold by weight - 0.5 kg is approximately 500 ml.  Varies slightly depending on the density of the oil.

Bottles do not come with pipette, and as with all pure oils caution should be taken when using them. Please refer to "know your oils" information sheet under information for a guide to oils.

For prices and scents available see drop down box

Gillen Wax Tart

Product Code 1825

Gillen wax tarts for oil burn are only made using 100% pure essential oils.  Colours vary from scent to scent depending on what wax we have in stock, choose scent from drop down box, price is for 1 tart ( 1.5 inch diameter). Superb quality and great value made from recycled wax.

Ribbed Stone Black Burner

Product Code 1746
Large heavy polished stone with ribbed carving oil burner with removable dish. for t lights. 120 mm high x 85 mm wide

Soap Stone Burner

Product Code 302
Lovely Moroccan type oil burners in heavy soap stone. Colours are assorted pale shades as shown, no two alike as hand made finish. Dish is removable for cleaning. 12 cm high.

Scroll Tripod Burner

Product Code 1623
British made oil burner available in 3 colours, 13.5 cm high with glass saucer, high quality robust. For t lights only, t lights not included. Scroll leg design
Larger picture

Pillar Twist Burner

Product Code 1624
Pillar twisted leg tripod oil burner, British made, robust and high quality. 13.5 cm tall available in black or silver complete with glass saucer for t lights only

Hanging Oil burner

Product Code 1625
Wire Hanging oil burner, British made. 15 cm tall complete with glass saucer for t lights only, black only

Triangle Tart Burner

Product Code 1414
Triangle shape ceramic tart burner.   Avalilable in white crackle, or Orange

Round Belly Oil Burner

Product Code 1849
Round pottery oil burner available in black brown/ivory or white/brown. 90 mm deep x 110 mm high, choose colour from drop down box, click more images to see other colours

Scroll Oil Burner

Product Code 1867

Height 110 mm, metal and glass oil burner.  Normal Price £4.95

Reduced to clear 2 left in stock

£2.50 each

Spare Oil Burner Saucer

Product Code 863
Clear glass saucer suitable for oil burners etc.  Approx  12 cm Diameter

Twist Oil Burner

Product Code 1868
Height 110 mm metal and glass oil burner

Scroll 2 Oil Burner

Product Code 1869
Height 110mm aprox, metal and glass oil burner

Dolphin Oil Burner

Product Code 1871
Simple little traditional pottery attractive oil burner, Height :8.5cm, Dish Diameter 8cm, Colour: Brown, Blue

Fish cut Burner

Product Code 2119
Brown potter oil burner with fish shape cut out  Height: 10 cm, Dish Diameter: 9 cm,

Simmus Oil

Product Code 1866
Simmus Oil is great for colds and blocked noses. A few drops on a handkerchief breathed in deeply can help clear the airways. Price is for 10 ml bottle sold singly includes dropper insert.