Soap & Bath


Rose Petal Soap

Product Code 2371
Fragrance, Rose soap petals. Contains 9 bath roses in a gift box, finished with a ribbon. Make a fantastic gift. Sprinkle the petal in a bath or rub on a cloth or sponge, The entire rose is made of finest soap.Choose fragrance from drop down box, click image for more samples

Guest Soap x 6

Product Code 1215

A box of 6 individual heart shape  guest soap. You can either put them straight out or you can create your own gifts and favours by using organza bags and gift boxes etc.  (they work out at only 41 p each).  For scents see drop down box, each box contains 6 of the same colour/scent, not assorted. Each soap approx 20g click image for more pictures


Soap Rose Flower Heads

Product Code 2372
Bath Confetti -3 Roses Heart, gift boxed in heart shape box with coordinating ribbon. Price is for 3 rose heads in a gift box, choose colour from drop down box

Soap Loaf

Product Code 187

Soap bars/loafs are made with essential oils, in modern scents and attractive bright designs.  Each slice being approx 3.3" x 3.3" wide x 0.5" deep (inches). (115 g) Really well scented you will smell this soap the minute you walk into your bathroom. 

Choose fragrance/design from drop down box. See more images to show which designs are which fragrances.  choose from drop down box more than 30 different styles to choose from.

Gift Wrapped Soap

Product Code 558

Essential Oil, natural soap bar gift wrapped in various designs as shown.  Very attractive gift for mothers day, valentines, or weddings. Choose design from drop down box

choose single slice (soap scent will vary) or select the whole loaf using scents from product code 187 above wrapped and ready to go.

Plain Soap Loaf

Product Code 1817

Choose from 10 different fragrances.


The  Aromatherapy whole Soap Loaf weighs 2.0 KGs

Choose fragrance etc from drop down box,

Bath Bomb Soufflé

Product Code 1217

30 gm bath soufflé with extra Shea Butter in each one, making them more luxurious. Sold Singly. Select fragrance from drop down box, colours may vary from picture , hand made

Large Bath Bombs

Product Code 100

Mega fizzy bath bombs, with petals and loads of scent. Sold Singly, idea for adding to a gift package or just indulge yourself, bombs come in a large tablet and ball shapes assorted.  Add the whole lot at once or break up. Choose scent from drop down box, at least 180g each, sold singly, for fragrances see drop down box, click image for more pictures


Bath Potions

Product Code 429
Bath potions for your bath.  Each mix is shrink wrapped in plastic to seal in scent, then tied inside an organza draw string bag.  Lovely gift idea. Each bag has 200 grams of salts inside, made from natural sea salt, & essential oils. Bag colours may vary depending on fragrance

Heart Bath Bomb

Product Code 408
Heart shaped fizzy bath bomb with petals.  Makes an attractive gift particularly when teamed with one of our organza bags.  We use this in many of our gift baskets. Sold singly. Idea gifts.

Himalayas Salt

Product Code 1216

Around forty to fifty million years ago, the Himalayas were formed from the collision of two continental plates, the Indian subcontinent and Eurasia. Prior to this the region was occupied by an extensive sea known as the Tethys.

The salt deposits left by the drying Tethys lay buried for millions of years while the energy of the earth formed the major structures of the present day. Because the ancient salt deposits were protected by the molten rock from modern forms of pollution, Himalayas salt is not only completely pure and natural in origin, but also remains so through processing. Unlike most salts, this ancient salt is not processed with harsh chemicals. Instead, it is mined by hand and stone ground.

Himalayas salt has no preservatives or additives. Himalayas crystal salt can be consumed as mineral water by dissolving in spring or energised water, dissolved in a hot bath for a healthy soak, or blended with  essential oils for a rich body scrub, you can even put it on your food. All of these things apparently help to maintain the bodies natural balance.

Price is for 1 kg bag of salt

Shea Butter Bath Bombs

Product Code 1354
These Jumbo Bath Bombs are just the thing for anyone looking for a high quality bath fizz that looks and smells great. With lashings of extra Shea Butter to give that ultra luxurious bath experience they are sure to have your customers coming back for more.

They are also great value. Each bomb weighs in at a massive 200 grams and contains a generous portion of Shea Butter to make them smoother on your skin. Choose fragrance from drop down box. Price is each

Waffle Flannel

Product Code 1844
Cotton waffle flannel plain white

Serious Scrub Brush

Product Code 1837
145 mm long, serious face scrub brush. with hanging rope

Scrub & Scrape Brush

Product Code 1837
Natural wood, one side brush, one side pumice stone, with handle. 110 mm long

Serious Body Brush

Product Code 1838

Large body brush, 225mm long

Large Foot File

Product Code 1839
240mm long, very strong thicker wood than you normally find will last, for rubbing hard skin off the feet in the bath etc.

File & Brush

Product Code 1840
Scrub brush one side, file the other side, strong smooth wood, with hanging handle, 235 mm long

Shaving Brush

Product Code 1841

Traditional shaving brush, 110 mm

Pumice Stone

Product Code 1842

Natural pumice stone piece aprox 75 mm diameter each, normal retails at £2.00 per piece.

Bargain big box of assorted pieces total bits over 24  only £5.00, truly amazing natural product.

Loofah Scrub

Product Code 1843
1 metre long Loofah Scrub, made from natural sea, these can be cut to size or used as they are one giant long piece , note robe not included these are the biggest loofa's we have ever seen fantastic and fantastic price
clearance line only 5 left  get them, while you can

Massage Oils

Product Code 180
100 ml bottle of massage oil using essential oils.  For types see drop down list.  Note:

Solid Shampoo Bar

Product Code 1074

Bar of solid shampoo, handy for back packers, or in the shower

BUY A WHOLE LOAF or just  A SLICE you choose 

Solid Shampoo base is made from high quality vegetable oils it creates a wonderfully dense creamy lather, which is naturally conditioning to the hair.

It is also environmentally friendly as you are not wasting bottles and packaging or paying for water to be shipped around the country, most shampoo are 80% water based this is not.  It will last for ages, popular for campers, boy scouts etc.

Tea Tree & Peppermint - for fresh hair
Thyme & Mint - anti-dandruff
Sage & Juniper - for dark hair
Chamomile & Lemon - for blonde hair
Lavender & Rosemary - for damaged hair
Coconut and Lime - for fresh lively hair
Ylang Ylang & Orange - for sexy hair


Choose from options boxes

for fragrances  see drop down box

Floral Fizz Tablets

Product Code 2411
large 200 g tablet bath bombs, infused and decorated with dried flowers and herbs.  Price is per table, for fragrances see drop down box

Paper Travel Soap

Product Code 2412

Handy little packs of paper soap. 

Have you ever gone to wash your hands in a public restroom only to discover there’s no soap?
Paper soap, is the perfect solution for on-the-go cleansing - anywhere, any time. Or great as favour gifts etc.

Comes in a virtually weightless and compact flip-top case of 20 single-use sheets that are portable enough to pop in your desk, purse, car, gym bag, or pocket for handy everyday use.  Price is per pack for fragrance see drop down box. Flip-top case: size 76 x 64 x 10 mm click images for product.

Palm Oil Soap

Product Code 2413
Mother Earth Soaps are pure herbal soaps. Made with pure palm oil and natural unrefined herbs they will get you cleaner and closer to nature. This soap is delightfully gritty and potently aromatic in use. Also SLS free. Approximate size of soap: 6.5 x 6 x 2.5 cm. Price is per bar, for fragrances see drop down box

Olive Soap

Product Code 2414

These soaps are hand made using a traditional cold process and are one of the earliest forms of vegetable made soaps. Made with vegetable oils they have many beneficial properties for the skin. They are also SLS and parabens free, while the natural fat provides protection, improves skin tone and softness, and helps make younger-looking  skin through restructuring oil action. In addition each soap has its own special properties relating to the essential oils and other natural ingredients they contain.

These soaps are made and imported directly from the manufactures in sunny Spain where they are made with one of the finest olive oils in the world!

Choose fragrance from drop down box.  

Buy a whole loaf to slice yourself or buy by the slice your choice.  Happy soaping

whole loaf