Payment options are as follows:-




1CHEQUE-         Print or write out your order confirmation and post to us with a cheque.  Cheques should be
                             made  payable to "Northern Lights". Allow 7 working days for payment to clear.
2) CREDIT CARD -  We accept most major credit cards via the website or by requesting a payment link to your order, a 
                               payment link will be emailed to you once your order is ready to be made and or go. Click here to pay
                               us direct;  Processed by world-pay and pay-pal.
3) PAY PAL -            You do not need a pay pal account to pay use a credit card in the usual way If you have a paypal
                                    account you can pay direct by sending a payment to, or request a 
                                     payment link.
4) PURCHASE ORDER -  If you tick purchase order on the payments page you will be sent a pro forma invoice to use
                                              to make your payment.
6) CASH -                You can send cash or postal order if you wish but we would always advise if sending cash you
                                   send it recorded delivery and insure it. 
7) PAYMENT LINK;      Request payment link to be sent. You will be sent options of payment methods with a link direct
                                          to your order where you can pay by pay pal or credit card.  The payment link is run by Pay pal 
                                           secure server.
Please note you do not need a PAY PAL account to pay by credit card just follow the on screen instructions on the paypal payment page.
When sending us a payment please where possible provide your full name & address, and order/invoice number.
Our terms are strictly payment before order unless otherwise stated.
 Address For sending payments  to by post; 
Northern Lights
PA35 1HH

Payment Failure Notice

Credit Card payment failure/or declined :- see below



We are not informed why by your card/payment company we only receive an accepted or declined answer, some of the most common reasons however are as follows:-


1) Card holder address does not match address registered with card.

2) Mis-typed number or date.

3) Card not validated.

4) Card out of date


Please check the details you entered for errors.  In order for your transaction to be completed please choose one of the following options:-


1) Request new payment link again.

3) Print your order confirmation and send in the post with a cheque.

4) Pay via paypal - making your payment to

5) Make your order again on the website do not forget to tell us in the

   comments box that it is to replace an existing order


Options 1 – 2 can be done using the flexible payment options on our website under Company Information, or Making a new order via the website (state that your order supersedes your first order in the comments box on order submission).  Or Phone in with your card details. 


Orders will be kept on file until payment is received.



If you need any further information or help please do not hesitate to contact us.




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