Pillar & Ball

Candle holders which suitable for church pillar, ball, egg, square and  larger candles.  Some will also fit dinner candles if stated , also see other sections under holders for more ideas

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Abbey Holder

Product code 370

Scroll candle holder with slightly flexible arms to hug candles as shown in picture, British made high quality scratch & damp resistant finish.* Black, Sold Singly, Candles not included

SIZE 3       size 4" (102 mm) Diameter, 6" (15 cm) tall


Ambiance Holder

Product Code 621
Stepped pillar candle holder. Each dish has spike.  Saucer sizes 81 mm diameter. Overall unit is 10 inches high (25 cm) at highest point. Available in Black, Gold or Silver.

Three Tier Tripod

Product Code 371
Three tier candle holder with or without spikes.  (please specify). Dimensions  of saucers are 81 mm, 114 mm and 95 mm.  Overall height at highest point of unit is 8 inches (20 cm) tall. Available in Black only Looks great when used with a flower arrangement at weddings etc as illustrated on extra images.  To choose with or without spikes and colour select from drop down boxes

J Dish Holder

Product Code 623

J shaped pillar dish holder available in two  sizes as indicated.  Available in Black.

Normal pricer £5.00 each 1 left clearance line £1.50

Small size 81 mm diameter saucer, 5 inch (12 cm) tall.

Anniversary Holder

Product Code 620
Designer type frame with saucers with spikes for candles. Each saucer 95 mm diameter. 14 inches high (35 cm). Available in black only. (Candles not included)

Almada Dish Holder

Product Code 624
Almada quadruple spiked candle holder with scroll effect work. Saucer sizes 81 mm diameter each. 8 inches (20 cm) tall. Available in black only. British made steel.

Celebration Holder

Product Code 432
Celebration designer type holder with spiked dish for candles.  (candle not included). Saucer size 95 mm diameter. 10.5 inches tall (27cm). Available in black only.

Scroll 7

Product Code 637

Very robust strong 7 inch (18 cm) tall scroll stand for pillar candles etc. Very robust. antique copper (note antique copper is black with flecks of copper gold through it giving it a rustic appearance. Saucer size 4.5 inches (114 mm) diameter. spiked.

Normally £12.95 each we have 2 rustic ones left clearance £5.00 each

Scroll 5

Product Code 638
Scroll effect pillar candle stand with spiked top. Very robust. 5.5 inches tall (14 cm). Saucer size 3.75 inches (95 mm) diameter. Available in Black, Silver or white

Spiral 4

Product Code 639
Spiral Candlestick with single scroll stem. 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) tall, saucer size 4.5 inches (114 mm) diameter saucer. Available in black only.

Spiral Basket Short

Product code 099
Robust Twisted basket black pillar stand with spike.  19 cm High,  95mm diameter saucer, base for candle. British Steel high quality.

Miniature Column Stand

Product Code 1568

Miniature column candle stick. robust British steel. 81 mm diameter pillar saucer, 16.5 cm tall (6 inches aprox).

Black only

Medium S Stand

Product Code 1571
Medium S British steel made stand.  81 mm diameter saucer, 21.5 cm tall. with or without spike

Small Spring Pillar Candle holder

Product Code 1572
Small Spring candle stand for pillar candles. 54 mm diameter saucer, 8.5 cm tall, British steel. black only

Fluted Dish 3 legs

Product Code 1574
Fluted spiked candle dish on 3 legs, British steel.  117 mm diameter plate, 35 mm tall. Black only

Fluted Dish 3 rings

Product Code 1575
Robust British steel fluted spiked candle dish on 3 ring shaped legs. Black only. 117 mm diameter plate, 38 mm tall

Spiral Leg Short Dish

Product Code 1576
Robust British steel candle dish on 3 spiral round legs. Available black or silver 114 mm diameter dish, 57 mm tall. 

Straight Scroll Dish

Product Code 1579
Spiked Straight dish scroll leg candle holder. British made, 95 mm diameter spiked saucer, 29 mm tall.  Black only with our without spike

Fluted Dish Scroll Leg

Product Code 1577
Fluted Spike Dish with scroll leg. 117 mm diameter fluted plate, 29 mm tall. British Steel made.  Black only

Gothic Large Dish Holder

Product Code 1578
Gothic candle short dish. 114 mm embossed saucer. 35 mm tall. Available  black or green copper.

Gothic Medium Dish Holder

Product Code 1580
Gothic spiked medium saucer holder. 85 mm diameter saucer, 35 mm tall. British made. Black or Copper green spiked or no spike avail able, for options see drop down box. 
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Medium Ring Double Disc

Product Code 1581

Simple British made steel dish candle holder with ring design. This ring stand has 3" (81 mm) and 3.75" (95 mm) diameter saucers and can be used either way up. Finished in a choice of black, gold, silver, 'rust' or white. 

For options see drop down box; 

Large Ring Ball Stand

Product code 1588
Large ring stand for ball candles.  81 mm Diameter Saucer, or reversed 114 mm diameter saucer.  Available in black or white, British made.

Ball Candle Saucers

Product Code 1582

Ball Candle Holder, In 3 sizes. Two colours. Sizes shown are the diameter of the saucer. For colours see drop down box.  Note that Size 1 is only available in Black or White.

Large Ball Saucers

Product Code 1583

Large Saucer Holder for large ball candles etc.  Available in two sizes, for colours and sizes see drop down boxes. 

  • Size 1 95 mm diameter Saucer, 
  • Size 2 114 mm Diameter Saucer

Gothic Ball saucer Holder

Product Code 1584
Gothic Ball Candle Holder. 85 mm diameter saucer, 35 mm tall. Black only.

Ball Saucer Ring Legs

Product Code 1586

Ball Saucer on 3 ring legs, British made, for colours see drop down box

Size 1  114 mm diameter (4.5 Inches) saucer size. £2.30 each
Size 2   152 mm diameter (6 inches) saucer size.   £3.50 each

Spiral single Ball Saucer

Product Code 1587
Single spiral stand 54 mm diameter saucer, 7 cm tall (2 3/4 inches).  For ball candles. British made, for colours see drop down box

Ring stand with handle

Product Code 1589
Ring ball candle stand with handle.  95 mm diameter saucer, Black 20 cm long aprox in total. British made

Triangle Saucer Holder

Product Code 1591
Triangle Spiked holder, for ball, egg candles etc.  73 mm diameter saucer aprox 3 inches high. Black or white available, British made.

Spiked Saucer Simple

Product Code 1592

This popular basic ball, pillar, or egg etc candle holder (versatile and simple) comes in 7 different diameter sizes. British made.  For Colours, sizes, and prices see drop down box. 

Tripod Saucer 3 legs

Product Code 1594
Saucer of tripod scroll.  British made, in two sizes. Black only

Scale Stand

Product Code 1595
Large unusual stand, British made.  Available in black or white. 114 mm diameter saucers, 11 inches (28 cm) tall overall. 

Small Scale Stand

Product Code 1597
Small Scale Stand.  81 mm Diameter saucers, 9 cm (3.5 inches ) tall. British made. for colours see drop down box. Also suitable for flower displays.

Moon Stand

Product Code 1598
Moon Stand, British made. 95 mm diameter saucer., available in black or gold. 20 cm tall aprox overall. Candle not included

Large Moon Stand

Product Code 1599

Large Moon Stand, British made, black available only. 81 mm diameter saucer, 25.5 cm tall approx overall.


We have 2 left in stock to clear at only £1.50 each normally £6.95 each

Square Scroll Leg

Product code 1606
Square candle holder with scroll legs, available in 4 sizes. For sizes see drop down box.

Flower Square Holder

Product Code 1607
Flower Square Holder. In two sizes, British made.

Spiral Corner Square

Product Code 1608

Spiral Corner square holder, British made. Available in 3 colours, and 2 sizes

Ball feet square holder

Product Code 1609
Ball foot square candle holder.  59 mm square