Flower Stands

Most of these stands can be used for candles as well as flower arrangements, but we have selected the best ones here for flower arrangements.  Please note with a bit of imagination some of our candle stands could also lend themselves very well to be used for flower displays 




Medium S Stand

Product Code 1571
Medium S British steel made stand.  81 mm diameter saucer, 21.5 cm tall. with or without spike

Three Tier Tripod

Product Code 371
Three tier candle holder with or without spikes.  (please specify). Dimensions  of saucers are 81 mm, 114 mm and 95 mm.  Overall height at highest point of unit is 8 inches (20 cm) tall. Available in Black only Looks great when used with a flower arrangement at weddings etc as illustrated on extra images.  To choose with or without spikes and colour select from drop down boxes

Wire Bouquet Stand

Product Code 1646
White wire bouquet flower stand. 18 inches tall (46 cm).

Telescopic Bouquet Stand

Product Code 1647
Telescopic bouquet stand available in white or black.  15 inches tall (38 cm) and will extend to 29 inches tall (74 cm).  Choose colour from drop down box

Bouquet Clamp

Product Code 1648

Nickel plated bouquet clamp will fit stands 1647 & 1649.

Telescopic Drape Stand

Product Code 1649
Telescopic drape, bouquet stand. 21.4 inches tall (54 cm) will extend to 1.04 metres (41 inches). Bright zinc plated. 

White J Cup

Product Code 1650
J Shape white stand with cups. 32 cm tall, 6.5 cm diameter cups.

2 Tier Flower Stand

Product Code 1651

Two tier column flower stands. 13 inches tall (33 cm)  Cups are 4 inches (10 cm) diameter and 5.5 inches (14 cm) diameter.  Black only see more images for use with flower display

Medium Triple Cup Holder

Product Code 1652

Triple tier cup flower stand. 15.5 inches tall (39.5 cm) Each cup is 2.5 inches diameter (6.5 cm)

Black only

3 Tier Fountain Flower Stand

Product Code 1653
Tall 3 tier fountain flower stand. 24 inches tall (61 cm) Cups are 6.5 cm, 10 cm & 14 cm Diameter each. Available in black or white

Large Tier Flower Hoop

Product Code 1657
 14.5" (37 cm) tall overall with 3.75" (95 mm) diameter saucers. Available in black or white.

Oval Flower Hoop Small

Product Code 1655

Oval 12.5" (32 cm) tall overall with 3" (81 mm) diameter saucers. Available in black or white. two tier flower hoop..

Flower Scroll Telescopic Dish

Product Code 1658
8.5 Inches tall this telescopic dish flower stand (can also be used for candles) extends up to 13 inches tall is available in black or white

Telescopic Dish Flower Stand

Product Code 1659

Telescopic Dish flower or candle stand.  8.5 inches tall extends to 13 inches.  Black or white available: available with dish or bowl top please choose from drop down box

5, 3/8” (13.5 cm).Dish size



Large S flower Stand

Product Code 1660
Large S British steel flower or candle display stand. 26 cm tall (aprox 10 inches).  Available in black or white

Bottle Top Grip Holder

Product Code 1661
This versatile little holder will hold flower arrangements or candles, the legs are designed to grip any bottle, such as wine bottles or can just be used on a table as it is..  Black only.  4.5 inches tall (11.5 cm).

Single Candle with Dish holder

Product Code 1662
Single candle (dinner or stick) tulip holder with a dish for flower arrangement or candles combined unit. Available in back or white. 13 cm tall , 24 cm wide, available in black or white. Candles can also be placed in the dish end

Double Candle with Dish Holder

Product Code 1663
Double candle tulip fitting holder (for stick or dinner candles) with dish for flower arrangement etc. 16.5 cm tall x 35 cm wide. Available in Black or white

Penny Farthing Holder

Product Code 1664
Unusual British steel made candle or flower arrangement holder. Available in Black or Rust. 19 inches tall (48 cm), candle not included (picture shows 130 x 80 candle in dish) 

Wishing Well

Product Code 2467
3.25" (8 cm) diameter, 6" (15 cm) tall. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and finished in black epoxy Ideal for flower arrangements, you can also put a candle it but lid gets hot

Arch Medium Flower Display

Product code 2468
17" (43 cm) tall, 12.25" (31 cm) wide. Available finished in black or white

Arch Small

Product Code 2469
6.25" (16 cm) tall, 4.25" (11 cm) wide. Available in black or white.