Wine Glass Candle

Product Code 2483
Wine glass filled with wax candle colour of your choice.  Burn time approx 20 hours.  For colours see drop down box or choose your own matched to your own colour.  Glasses sold singly per colour. Excellent table decoration for weddings and other special events. * Glass size may vary from batch to batch, for other sizes please ask

Ball Candles

Product code 244

Gillen ball candles in a variety of sizes and almost any colour your like.   Sizes are shown in  mm per diameter of the candle.   Use drop down boxes to select sizes, colours and prices. For colour samples see our colour chart

See more images for other examples of this product
If you do not see the colour you require then you can select "choose my own"  then send in a sample of your colour with your order by email or post. this service is extra per candle

*made to order

Metallic colours extra per unit

Glitter Balls

Product Code 2241
Glitter balls.  Our famous ball candles sprinkled with glitter.  Choose candle colour, size and glitter colour from drop down boxes.  Sold singly

Shot Glass Candle

Product Code 1967

Shot glass candle.  Price is for 1 holder filled with any colour of wax you like from drop down box and or match to your own.

Holder size approx 3 inches high x 2 inch diameter at top and 1.3 inches at base. Burn time approx 10 - 11 hours.  Approx 7 Cl


Small Shot Glass Candle

Product Code 2300
Flared shot glass candle.  Make ideal favours or table decorations.  Available in a wide range of colours from drop down box.  Approx 2 inches high 35 mm diameter at base; 1.5 inches wide at top.  Burn time approx 8 hours.


Product code 351

Cube candles, various sizes as shown with prices in drop down list. Bigger candles have more wicks.  *

Note; most are tall column shape first size is the base size second size is the height.


Large Cubes

Product Code 2142

As product 351 but only available in white.off whit only.  For sizes and prices see drop down box.

NB: First size is the base,second size is the height, sold singly.

Girls Night In

Product Code 1077
Girls night in candles, all fluffy and pink. Great for a girls night in party, or a hen night or as a gift for the hen. etc.  For sizes and prices see drop down box, sold singly. all candles gift wrapped with ribbon, pearls & feathers as shown. *

Emergency candles

Product code 428
Pack of 5 white pillar candles to keep in case of emergency power cuts etc.  Each candle will burn for 30 hours. Each candle approx size is 80 x 50 mm.   They are free standing and stable.  Eye catching government symbols on each to remind you they are for emergency's !

Angel Lights / Chime Candle

Product code 106

Angel or chime candles popular for European type candle holder, carol services Etc.   Overall size 105 mm high (4.5 inches) x 12.5 mm diameter,  approx burn time 2 hours.  For colours see drop down box, note colours extra  per unit. Price per candle For hand held holders & drip protection collars see accessories department.

Tip =use half an orange cut in half as a holder for kids.

 For holders for this product see specialist and hand held holders

Colours are £0.05 p each extra; Metallic no longer available only colours in drop down box.  Colours are made to order. 


Prayer Vigil Candles

Product Code 2345
Idea for carol services, street processions etc use them with our drip protectors.  Each candle clean burning,12.5 mm approx diameter stick with  length of 6 inches. Sold singly £0.32 p each. Same diameter as angel lights but longer. burn time approx 3 - 4 hours.

Candle Sand

Product Code 1008

Candle sand packs.  Make any holder in your house into a candle by pouring this candle sand into, insert the wicks into sand and light.  (3 x 10 cm wicks supplied inside each pack).  Mix colours.  For scents see drop down box & more images.. 130 g per pack, sand colour varies

Holders not included have fun! create amazing effects. Rough colour of scents we supply are:- 

Lavender - Lilac, Jasmine - pale pink, Vanilla - Ivory, Musk - white, Strawberry - pink, Sea breeze, turquoise blue, Dewberry - green, Lemon Musk - Pale yellow.