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Maxi Tea lights

Product code 358

Gillen maxi giant t lights Non scented.  Price is for one single  giant tea lights , each one approx 5.5 cm diameter, 10 hour burn time each , ideal for garden.  These can be coloured.  For colour choose from our colour chart list in drop down box.   Picture guide only.

If you do not see a colour you like from the drop down box, please select "choose my own" then send in your own sample to be matched.  *made to order.

Citronella Tea Lights

Product code 183

Popular pack of citronella tea lights by Gillen Candles for keeping insects away.  30 per pack.    Hand made with pure 100% citronella oil. Picture guide only. 4-6 hour or 8-10 hour burn time available. Colour will vary as made from recycled wax.  For specific colours please see Gillen Scented T lights.

*Made to Order

Incense Coils

Product Code 1012
Incense coils for indoor & outdoor use.  Tub of 14 coils (in pairs). Includes incense clip holder for burning them on. For scents see drop down box. 

Low Boys

Product Code 1907
Glass Jar Candle boy traditional restaurant light for tables, excellent quality, 75 hour burn time, non scented.  For colours see drop down box.  Sold Singly., See more images for other colour samples, ideal for outdoor use.

Large Glow Globe (pair)

Product Code 1057

Large Garden glow globe which is designed to take a pillar candle inside as shown in front of picture for close up click more images.  Dimensions Top diameter 18 cm, Bottom Diameter 6.5 cm, Height 44 cm, sizes may very very slightly as product is hand made.  The globe is made of wax and will take a pillar candle up to 300 mm tall x 80 mm  diameter which sits in a recess in the bottom making it look like a large candle when lit.

 Sold in PAIRS only Due to transit packaging.

For flares & candle torches shown in picture see garden candle section

Large Multi Wick Pillars

Product Code 1485
Large multi wick pillar candles for sizes and prices see drop down boxes.  White/off white only. price per candle,  Lovely range going right up to 24" tall that is one big candle, Sizes shown are width x height