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Gillen Luxury Advent Box

Product Code 2499

Luxury hand crafted advent box.  This box contains 24 individual mini jar candles, each one a different festive scent.  Each jar candle will burn for Aprox 8 hours. This unique gift is made exclusively by Gillen Candles and are made to order. 

The box is beautifully designed each jar in its own little pull out drawer box.  Each box has a window so you can see the jar inside when you pull out the jar and are numbered with each day from 1 to 24,  The box is finished with a hand stitched fabric festive ribbon, with instructions on the lid.   Fill your home with a unique scent every day from 1 st December to 24 th from a range of festive scents to include, Cinnamon, Chestnuts, Holly-berry, Cranberry, Winter-snow, Christmas tree, Mulled Wine, Mistletoe, Christmas Pudding, Frosted Plums, to name but a few. 

The box itself is huge 31 cm high x 14 cm x 15 cm making a stunning decoration to adorn any house during the festive season.   The box can be re-usable we sell refill jar pack for it as well.

  1. Advent box comes filled with 24 Festive scented ready to use.
  2. Jar Refill pack comes with 24 Festive assorted Jars only.

Click on image for more pictures. 


Family Personal Blue Xmas Candle

Product Code 2517

Large white pillar candle with lovely blue Christmas design around the candle in blue with modern look Christmas tree, and star designs.  Fully gift wrapped with metallic ribbon.   Wording on the front of the candle is  " The  ~~~~ Family "

Please supply the family name you wish when placing your order.  Candle size aprox 140 x 80mm

Christmas Votive Holder

Product Code 2501
Attractive cheerful clear glass votive holders with various designs, Choose design from drop down box, Click more details for more images of choices Price is for  1 single holder, candle not included

Jute Bag Square Candle

Larger picture
Product Code 2233

Gillen candle with Christmas design packaged in a Jute bag with see through panel and gift tag.  Candle size aprox 4 inches tall x 2 inches square.  Candles sold singly, choose design from drop down box.  Note if you want your own design email us an image with your order. Long 35 hour burn time; choose design from drop down box

Mini Xmas Votives

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Product Code 2234
Mini votive candles with assorted xmas designs.  Candles are individually wrapped with ribbon idea, party gifts. Sold Singly, each candle is  50 x 35 mm burn time aprox 6 hours.

Candle Lantern Gift

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Product Code 2230
Attractive packaged Gillen candle in a lantern style box with matching ribbon.  Each candle is 115 x 50 mm aprox 30 hour burn time. Choose design from drop down box.  Lantern box is available in Gold or Silver with matching ribbon.

Wreath Lantern Box Candle

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Product Code 2231
Gillen holly wreath candle with Merry Christmas written inside.  Wrapped in a lantern box and matching ribbon, choose from gold or silver box with matching ribbon. Each candle is 115 x 50 mm in size aprox 30 hour burn time.

Poinsettia Candle

Larger picture
Product Code 2073
Attractive simple pillar candle with large poinsettia on front.  For sizes and prices see drop down box, Candles come gift wrapped with ribbon.

Twin Gift Pack Xmas

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Product Code 2229
Delightful box of two Gillen candles with Christmas design.  Each candle is 75 mm x 40 mm (20 hour burn time) with ribbon decoration on box. Choose design from drop down box.

Candle Xmas Train

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Product Code 1167
Wooden Christmas train with 4 carriages for candles. Fits our chime candles product cod 106.  Very well and will act as a working toy (without candles) as well as a lovely decoration at Christmas.  Total train length aprox 14 inches.

Christmas Pillars

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Product Code 1162

Christmas candles aprox 160 x 50 mm in various designs, select from drop down box. Gift wrapped

Christmas Pillars

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Product Code 794
Assorted festive pillar candles, with bright festive designs.  Candle size aprox 75 x 50 mm each, sold singly.*

Christmas Puddings

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Product Code 1157
Gillen Home made Christmas pudding candles.  Fully iced with holly decoration, Size aprox 80mm diameter. Sold singly.  "exclusive to Northern Lights".

Christmas Tea Lights

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Product Code 707
Christmas scented tea lights in , red, ivory & forest green colours, various scents .  £2.10 for pack of 10 long burn time 6 - 7 Hours. Hand made, gift bagged with Christmas ribbon.

Gillen Metallic Tea Lights

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Product Code 254

 8 Hour burn time. Silver or Gold available.   Price is per pack

Tea light cup size aprox 3.7 cm diameter x 2.5 cm    (Pack of 25)

Choose colour from drop down box.   

*made to order

Gillen Scented Jar Candle

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Product Code 2027A

Gillen Scented Message Candle Jar.  Great range of standard messages for you to send to that someone special.  Gift Packaging Available as extra to send direct packaged.  Click more Images for designs , select message from drop down box.

Hand made  scented jar candle made using high quality soya wax and scents from Gillen Candles.  The jar has a thick heavy base which means unlike a lot of jar candles can be burned in its jar on most surfaces without damage.  Jar includes tight fitting glass lid for when candle is not in use.   Our special scents are unique blends exclusive to Northern Lights.

Each jar size 100 mm high without lid, 116 mm high including lid, 89 mm diameter at base, 78 mm internal diameter.  Don't forget you can also choose a message and scent of your choice from our customized range of this product (code 2023).  50+ hour burn time. Jar is re-use able.

Click more images to see designs available. Choose scent from drop down boxes

Luxury Advent Candle

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Product Code 442

Luxury advent candle,  hand made candle, 12" tall x 1.25" diameter, good bright flame.  24 days marked down outside. Gift wrapped as shown.

Giant Snowflake Candle

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Product Code 2239
Giant floating snowflake candle.  Sold singly. Each candle is 80mm diameter, 10 hour burn time aprox.

Xmas Message Candle

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Product Code 1156

Say it with style, personalized message candles for Christmas choose from range of great festive designs.  Choose picture & candle size from drop down boxes.   Type your text up to 15 words in text box.  (allow 7 working days to be made)  All candles come gift wrapped with festive ribbon

 (if you do not want any text type "no text")

Pillar Advent

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Large pillar advent candle with wrap around design.  Candle 200 x 70 mm

Angel Lights / Chime Candle

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Product code 106

Angel or chime candles popular for European type candle holder, carol services Etc.   Overall size 105 mm high (4.5 inches) x 12.5 mm diameter,  approx burn time 2 hours.  For colours see drop down box, note colours extra  per unit. Price per candle For hand held holders & drip protection collars see accessories department.

Tip =use half an orange cut in half as a holder for kids.

 For holders for this product see specialist and hand held holders

Colours are £0.05 p each extra; Metallic no longer available only colours in drop down box.  Colours are made to order. 


Victorian Santa Pillars

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Product Code 435

6" x 3.5"  pillar candle with Victorian Santa's waxed on them.  Non scented, aprox 100 hour burn time, wrapped with red/green/silver ribbons. Lovely detailed design.  Hand made in our own workshops.

Click more images to see all the designs

Advent Candle

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Product code 163
Traditional advent dinner candle with days down the outside to mark the days until Christmas from the start of December, Styles may vary. Aprox 10" high. (dinner type candle size), hand made.  (burn the candle each day until it gets to the next number), Choose design from drop down box.

Star Tea Light

Product Code 2508
Star shaped tea light. tea light size 52 mm  x 21 mm . Price per tea light, made to order in any colour from drop down box. Approx 8 hour burn time, overall dimensions  1 inch high, x 2.3i inches diameter

Fir Tree Tea Light

Product Code 2506
Fir tree shaped tea light.  Burn time approx 6 hours. 48 mm x 40 mm x 18 mm high approx.  For colours see drop down box.  Price for 1 single unit, made to order item*

Tartan Advent Candle

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Product Code 2237
8" straight dinner candle with tartan of your choice advent candle. Sold singly, Choose tartan from drop down box or request your own, if choosing your own tartan not shown on the list please add your tartan choice in the comments notes to  us box and select "choose my own" from the drop down box.

Mini T Light Gift Box

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Product Code 2240
Hand made holly T light in a glass holder, packed in a ribbon bow box.  Choose box colour from drop down box, sold singly.

Silver Stag

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Product Code 2298
Silver Stag Head candle.  Various sizes of candles to choose from see drop down list for sizes and prices.  Gift wrapped with white/silver organza ribbon.  For burn times see product information pages.  Price is for one single candle only. 

Cheers Stag Candle

Larger picture
Produce Code 2299
Cheerful stag with drink in hand (or hoof) candle,  candles come in various sizes, in white.  See drop down box for sizes and prizes, also this image can be used in our customized section.  Price is for one single candle, gift wrapped with ribbon.