Incense & Burners


Incense Gift Pack Small

Product Code 2518
Gift pack including Contains assorted sent small sticks, and cones, with ceramic holder and decorative dried flowers and leaves , asst designs

Incense Sticks

Product Code 159

Bulk Pack of approx 500 (10 inch) incense sticks in any one fragrance.  Choose scent from drop down box,

real value for money,. available in 37 different scents

Incense Stick 20 pack

Product Code 1353
Picture guide only, basic simple pack of 20 incense sticks,  choose scent from drop down box. packaging may vary from picture

Cones 20 pk

Product Code 1898
Pack of 20 incense cones. For scents see drop down box, colours vary

Cones Bulk

Product Code 158

Incense Bulk cones, box of aprox 900 + cones of any one fragrance.  Choose scent from drop down box

real value for money, excellent quality cones (not the cheap kind)

Incense Coils

Product Code 1012
Incense coils for indoor & outdoor use.  Tub of 14 coils (in pairs). Includes incense clip holder for burning them on. For scents see drop down box. 


Product Code 1894
Deluxe Dhoop. Dhoop is soft like plasticine but produces a truly exotic heavenly aroma. Made from a blend of pure Desi Ghee, natural herbs and  perfumes.  Pack includes a small tin tray to enable easy burning.
Reduced to clear now only 50p was £2.00

Oriental Incense

Product Code 1897
Attractively packed collection of incense with oriental flavour,  each pack contains 10 sticks, 120 mm long. Sold per pack of 10. For scents select from drop down box.  Note these sticks are pure incense and do not have a wooden stick in the middle.

Ceramic holders

Product Code 359

Ceramic red incense stick holders, neat and small

Reduced to clear normal £1.00 each now only 10p limited stock

Round Mixed Holder

Product Code 549
Wooden incense stick & cone holder. 6 holes for sticks, central dish for cones. Hexagonal shape. 7 cm diameter.

Stone Leaf

Product Code 1346
Set of two stone leaf incense stick holders. 100 mm long.  Sold in pair of one style, two styles available, blue/black, or beige.  This is natural product so stone colour and tone will vary slightly. (price is for TWO leafs of one shade)

Incense Saucer

Product Code 1604
Black metal robust single incense stick holder with ash catch saucer. British made.

Incense Plate

Product Code 1878
Incense stick soap stone holder. aprox 100 mm square, with hole for placing the stick. shades may vary slightly due to nature of the stone, choose from Light or Dark, see more images for dark sample, choose colours from drop down box

Smoke Box

Product Code 1883
Incense smoking box, place the cones or stick inside in the tray shut the lid, smoke then curls out the cut holes seductively. Designs may vary from picture, 305 mm long

Antique Smoke Box

Product Code 1884
Antique wood style smoke box, designs may vary from picture due to handmade nature, approx 305 mm long, place incense cones inside box shut the lid, smoke curls from the holes, sold singly

Incense Smoke Tower

Product Code 1347
Wooden incense stick smoking tower.  Incense stick or cone goes in  when lit scent/smoke curls seductively out the holes. Traditionally incense was burned in boxes or containers with holes. Designs may very slightly from picture.

Silver Stick Burners

Product Code 1887

Silver colour metal incense stick burner/ash catcher, 230 mm long, assorted stamped designs. Sold singly

Dragon Holder

Product Code 1888
Decorated metal incense stick holder with dragon design, 250 mm long

Stone Bench

Product Code 1889
Stone bench style incense holder. choose from light or dark stone, shades may vary slightly from picture due to nature of stone, sold singly. Each holder is 150 mm long

Swirl Stone Holder

Product Code 1890
Soap stone swirl design incense stick holder, aprox 120 mm square,

Black Cat Holder

Product Code 1891
Black cat stone incense stick holder, 255 mm long.

Swirl Disc

Product Code 1892
Swirl soap stone incense holders, available in either light or dark stone.  70 mm diameter, sold singly choose shade from drop down box

Giant Incense Cones

Product Code 2389
These big incense cones are 80mm high, and burn for about 1 hour each. deal for gardens and bigger rooms. The fragrance is absolutely great. Each pack contains 6 cones , for fragrances choose from drop down box

Match Box Incense Packs

Product Code 2390
Cute traditional match box filled with cones and little dish to burn them on.  Assorted fragrances only , choose from general fragrances such as spicy, floral, fruity price is for one box.  The box itself has a nice smell even without burning a cone from inside.

Red Dragon Incense

Product Code 2391
Famous Red Dragon Incense Sticks, high quality, packs of 18, choose fragrance from drop down box.

Incense Gift Pack Large

Product Code 2519
Lovely incense and cone gift pack wrapped with dried flowers and leaves, including ceramic coloured holders, scent assorted, designs assorted