Air Fresheners


Gift Jar Wax Melts

Product Code 1357

Calming and relaxing. Creating the perfect aromatic setting for therapeutic treatments. Melt
Melt time: 10 hours approx
Per jar: Hight: 8 cm , Diameter: 7 cm Weight 250 g
Per wax melt: 1 x 2.5 cm ( approx 16 pieces per jar)
Material: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Glass Jar

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Room Fragrance Spray

Product Code 1033
100 ml bottles of fragrance spray expertly blended to enhance your space. Ideal for refreshing up pot pourri or simmering granules.  For fragrances see drop down box. Sold singly.

Essential Oil 10 & 50 ml

Product Code 233

Pure essential  oil in 10 ml or 50 ml bottles. Available in 80 + scents.  High quality.  100%  pure essential oils are preferred by soap makers, home candle makers and aromatherapists etc. 

All our oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subject to rigorous quality control standards.

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Fragrance Oil Individual

Product Code 206
Large 10 ml or 15 ml, bottles of quality fragrance oils. Ideal for oil burners or refreshing up pot-pourri. Or put a few drops in your bath.

Reed Jar

Product Code 981
Sleek sophisticated This attractive way of home fragrance is new.  For fragrances see drop down box.  They are simple to use - scent oil is drawn up through natural reeds and disperses into the air.  They provide long lasting scent and look attractive in any room. Sold Singly


Product Code 2133
Buy your own bundle of blank reeds to use with your own fragrance jar.  If you have a pretty jar or bottle at home all you need do is fill it with some fragrance oil or similar and pop in a few of these reeds to make your own cheap unique Reed Diffuser. Price is for a bundle of aprox 90 reeds.

Reed Diffuser

Product Code 2134

SIZE: H=200 mm-W=60 mm-D=50 mm. exquisite reed defuser in a range of scents, see more images and drop down box to choose scent. Note each jar and reed set inside its box is plain as picture so will suit any room décor.

Reduced normal price £9.99  Scents left in drop down box


Unscented pot pourri

Product Code 1361
Mixed bag of unscented pot pourri to scent it your way.  Choose whatever scent of oil you like to scent it your way from our fragrance oil collections, Price is for large bag mixed dry pot pourri, about 500 g worth, (e.g about half a carrier bag worth)   Picture guide only colours will vary