Votive Holders

Votive holders are designed for votive candles but are also great for tea lights


Votive Holder Gallery

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Square Votive Holder

Product Code 2300
T light or votive holder. 50 mm Square clear glass. 50 mm square unit size overall. (candle not included) This item can also be supplied ready filled with wax colour of your choice see votive candle section. Available clear or frosted

Clear Votive Holder

Product code 039
Plain clear glass votive holder  approx 66 mm  High x 52 mm diameter at the top,  This item also comes filled with wax (see product code 414 customized section).  Also suitable for standard t lights. Approx 10 cl

Coloured Glass Votive Holders

Product code 178

Coloured glass votive holders approx 66 mm High x 52 mm diameter (flared)  Sizes may vary by 1 - 2 mm depending on batches in stock

 Note if colour not shown in drop down box, then colour is not currently available., picture guide only, shades may vary from batch to batch

Printed Votive Holder

Product Code 1141

Clear glass votive holder with personalized loge/monogram of your choice on the outside.  Sold singly candle not included.*.  Email or post your required image. Holder 3 inches high x 2 inches diameter approx.  approx 10cl

Note we are not able to print in white,or metallic colours, unless using a white background label. For this service the set up fee is £50.00 for up to 50 units other quantity's price varies

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Celtic Scroll Votive Holder

Product Code 1211

Clear votive holder with Celtic scroll frame and up to 7 words of text of your choice. Choose frame colour from drop down box, candle not included.  Note gold is not metallic.

Large Square Glass

Product Code 1904

Clear square candle holder, suitable for votive s or t lights, 2 sizes available , sold singly, for sizes and prices see drop down box

50 mm x 55 mm is 2 x  2.25" (55 mm)

Also available filled with wax of your choice see votive candle section

Garden Pot Clear

Product Code 1905

Chunky glass votive is approx 70 mm (2.75") in diameter at the top, 47 mm (1.75") diameter at the bottom and 65 mm (2.5") tall. Available in clear or white frosted glass. This item also comes filled, see votive candle section (product code 2002)

Mini Bowl

Product Code 1906

Round clear glass mini bowl, suitable for t lights or votive holders, 6 cm sold singly, For filled holders see votive candle section, (product code 865)

Dimensions 65 mm tall,  42 mm diameter base, 52 mm diameter top, oval bowl shape. Available clear or frosted

Flared Clear T Cup

Product Code 2000

Clear flared glass t light cup, will fit 4 & 8 Hour T lights.  Overall Dimensions are  aprox 2 inches tall x 1.9 Inch diameter base, 2.5 inch diameter top flared lip top, sold singly, t lights not included.  Picture shows a 4 hour t light with gold cup.


(This item also comes filled with wax made to order see votive candle section product code 2004). Limited stock

Large Votive Glass

Product 2355
Large votive, and or Tea Light Holder.  To have this holder filled see votive candle section product code ; candle not included. This is much larger than the standard votive holder.
70 mm x 84 mm  (60 mm internal) (H x W).  Base is slightly narrower at 59 mm diameter This holder is also available printed as optional extra. Aprox 20 cl

X Tall Votive Glass

Product Code 2465
Dimensions 110 mm (Height ) 4.3 inch approx x 65 mm diameter Tall clear glass for use with tea lights , votives  etc, to have the holder filled see votive section under candles  ; sold singly , same as 2355 but taller

Oval Egg Holder Clear

Product 2493

Clear Oval, egg shape fine glass tea light holder.  Dimensions 2.5 inches tall, x 1.5 inches diameter base, 2 inch diameter top, oval shape.  sold singly: candles not included

Oval Egg Holder

Product Code 2492

Frosted Oval, egg shape fine glass tea light holder.  Dimensions 2.5 inches tall, x 1.5 inches diameter base, 2 inch diameter top, oval shape.  sold singly: candles not included

Fat Votive Glass

Product Code 2585
Clear simple votive holder.  64 mm Wide diameter  x 85 mm tall Sold singly 17.5cl

Votive & T Light Holders Assorted

Product Code 2454

Assorted coloured glass votive and tea light holders.  If you are not fussy, and just want some lovely assorted coloured glass votive/tea light holders to scatter around your home these are ideal, more than half price these make an excellent bargain for brightening up your home.  Colours shapes and styles will be assorted. Price is per unit.  Holders may be in any colour patterned or plain subject to stock from our entire votive holder range. Picture guide only and is not necessarily representative of what will be sent.  Holders may be shop soiled.

100 in stock