Most of these holders have specific uses as described.   Many are good for making your own arrangements with flowers or hand made holders.  Wall Holders, ceiling, Advent frames


Also see wedding , flower stands section for more styles most of which can take candles as well


Wine Glass

Product Code 2482

Wine glass, perfect wedding candle holder, fill with water, or colours stones, sand rose petals etc with a floating candle or tea light not included.  We also supply these glasses filled with wax colour candle of your choice see product code 2483 in candle section.  Holders sold singly candles not included click image for ways to use them decorations not included

Window Frame

Product code 1502
Black British steel window frame scene with pillar candle dish (all one piece). Holder will take up to 50 mm diameter candle.  Height of window frame 6 inches tall.  Decoration not included.  Ideal for making your own presents.  Robust frame self standing.  *

Double Petal

Product Code 1535
Double petal candle holder overall 8 cm diameter same as 1534 but with extra layer of petals.  Available in  colours. For dinner or stick candles.*

Sun Candle holder

Product Code 1536
Sun candle holder for dinner or stick candles, Overall 8 cm diameter. Available in 3 colours*

Single Candle holder

Product Code 1537
Single tulip candle holder for dinner or stick candles, overall 8 cm diameter. Available in 4 colours*

Saucer Candle Holder

Product Code 1538
Saucer tulip candle holder for dinner or stick candles.  Overall 8 cm diameter. Available in black or white, old fashioned winkie holder as they were without handles.*

Single Winkie Small

Product Code 1539

Small wee willie winkie holder. 8 cm diameter. Available in 5 colours. For stick or dinner candles.


Gothic Tulip Holder

Product Coder 1540
Gothic tulip candle holder. For stick, or dinner candles etc.  85 mm diameter embossed saucer, 57 mm all black only*

Scallop Edge Holder

Product Code 1541
Scallop edge saucer holder for stick,dinner candles etc.  9.5 cm diameter base. Black only*

Scallop Edge Winkie Holder

Product Code 1542

Scallop edge wee willie winkie holder with tulip candle fitting (adjustable).  For dinner  candles etc.

9.5 cm diameter overall, available in black only

Small Base Holder

Product Code 1543

Small candle holder with small base.  Can be used like a wee willie winkie holder etc.  5.5 cm diameter base. with tulip fitting for dinner, stick candles etc.,  Available in 5 colours.*

Large Base Holder

Product Code 1544
Large base holder for dinner/stick candles etc. 9.5 cm diameter. Available in two colours*

Large Wee Willie Winkie

Product Code 1545
Large wee willie winkie holder with tulip fitting (adjustable) for dinner candles, stick candles etc,  Available in 4 colours. 9.5 mm diameter base. sold singly

Triple Spiral Tulip Holder

Product Code 1546
Triple spiral tulip fitting candle holder. 5 cm tall available in 2 colours.*

Leaf Wee Winkie Holder

Product Code 1547
Leaf shape wee willie winkie holder. 15 cm long, available in black only with tulip fitting for dinner,stick candles etc

Single Tulip J

Product Code 1560
British steel made, Single J wall hanging dinner candle holder with tulip fitting.  12 inches high, black only*

Double J tulip

Product Code 1561

British steel Double J Wall Sconce. 12 Inches high. With tulip fittings for dinner candles. Black only*

Wall Plate Dinner Candle Holder

Product Code 1562

British Steel wall plate with dinner candle fitting. (candle not included). approx 18 inches tall (47.5 cm). 5 cm Wide overall. Black only*Black


Normally £5.00 each.  Now only £2.50 each 2 left in stock

Wall Plate T Light Holder

Product Code 1563
British Steel wall plate t light holder. 47.5 cm tall x 5 cm wide, black only*

Single Pillar J

Product Code 1564

British Steel single pillar J wall sconce. 81 mm Diameter saucer (aprox 3 inches), aprox 12 Inches high (30.4 cm)

Black only*

Double Pillar J

Product Code 1565
British steel double pillar candle wall sconce. 81 mm diameter saucer (aprox 3 inches),  30.5 cm all (aprox 12 inches). For pillar or ball candles. Black only*

Spiral J Wall Sconce

Product Code 1566
Spiral J wall sconce for dinner candles.  10 inches tall.  British steel made.  2 colours, for colours see drop down box.  Candle not included.*

Single Chime Holder

Product Code 1613
Angel or chime light single holders, with our without saucer. 13 mm diameter aprox each. Black *

Flower Skinny Holder

Product Code 1614
Multi chime or angle light candle holder. Will hold skinny candles as well. 81 mm  diameter 6 holders on this base. black*

Triangle Wall Hanger

Product Code 1621
Triangle Black steel*A contemporary design of wall sconce to hold three tea lights. The sconce is 6" (15 cm) tall, 11" (28 cm) wide and is finished in black

Candle Lamp with Handle

Product Code 1631

This candle lamp has a 6" (15 cm) diameter base and comes complete with our 8.5" (21.5 cm) tall glass chimney, making it 10.5" (27 cm) tall overall. It will take a 6" (15 cm) or 8" (20 cm) tall standard dinner candle. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and finished in black epoxy.For spare glass see accessories,

Candle Lamp Long Handle

Product Code 1634
Candle lamp with long handle.  6 inches diameter, 10.5 inches tall, For colours see drop down box.  For stick/dinner candles

Tulip Frame

Product code 179
Black advent frame with tulip sconce's, holds 5 candles, available in 3 sizes, British made, high quality, scratch & water resistant. With tulip type holders slightly adjustable.*
Size 1 10" (25.5 cm) diameter (for dinner type candles only)
Size 2 12" (3.5 cm) diameter   (for dinner type candles only)
Size 3 14" (35.5c m) diameter with 2" (51 mm) diameter sconce's

Double Tulip

Product Code 1972

Double scroll tulip dinner candle fitting.. Unit has screw holes for wall fitting (screws not included)* 12 inches approx long (width) 6 Inch high base plate.


 1 left in stock rustic finish can be sprayed with spray paints normally £15.99 each reduced to clear £2.00 each

Single Tulip

Product Code 1973

Single tulip dinner fitting wall sconce. For colours see drop down box and more images. Unit has screw holes for wall fittings (screws not included)* For dinner candles.

Normally £9.95 each  £2.00 each 2 left in assorted colours only  but can be painted



Wall Candle Lamp

Product Code 2057
Metal holder with glass cylinder painted in a blue-grey colour in an understated wipe technique.  For Candles or t lights, wall mountable inside or on a balcony or terrace overall size 45 x 19 cm

Chandelier Holder

Product Code 2165
4 Arm Gun Metal, Chandelier overall aprox size 530 mm High, Holds 4 candles, black

Wall Lantern Sconce

Product Code 2177
Bell Glass, Wall Sconce, 370 mm High

Minkie Holder

Product Code 265

Tiny wee willie winkie holder designed for chime or angel candles (product code 106) .  Great at carol services.  Can be used time and time again, British made in black steel.  Overall size 4.5 inches long.   High quality item.





Centre Advent

Product code 304

Advent frame, high quality black, British made, with central stem. Tulip type candle holders, holds 5 candles, dinner type.  8.5" (22 cm) diameter frame.*


Plain Advent Frame

Product code 315

Advent frame, British made, high quality, scratch & damp resistant frame, holds 5 candles. overall frame size is 12" (30.5 cm) diameter, each candle sconce is 51 mm diameter. Black finish.* For pillar candles.


Slim Holder

Product code 347

Slim version of the tulip holder, same high quality British Made, scratch & damp resistant black finish.

Size 1 32 mm diameter x 32 mm deep, base size 114 mm diameter
Normally £5.65 each only £1.00 each shop soiled 2 left in stock

Dish Holder

Product code 348

As above but small fatter dish shape, same high quality, British made product, black with scratch & damp resistant finish.  Available in 3 sizes.*

Size 1 38 mm diameter x 19 mm deep, base 67 mm diameter
Size 2 51 mm diameter x 26 mm deep, base 114 diameter
Size 3 76 mm diameter x 51 mm deep, base 140 mm diameter

Crown Holder

Product code 349

As above but with a crown shaped holder on top. High quality, British made, black scratch & damp resistant finish, available in 5 sizes.*

Size 1           40 mm diameter, 95 mm base diameter
Size 2           57 mm diameter, 114 mm base diameter
Size 3           64 mm diameter, 114 mm base diameter
Size 4           70 mm diameter, 114 mm base diameter
Size 5           76 mm diameter, 150 mm base diameter
not all sizes always ex stock, allow 7 days for delivery
Larger picture

Abbey Holder

Product code 370

Scroll candle holder with slightly flexible arms to hug candles as shown in picture, British made high quality scratch & damp resistant finish.* Black, Sold Singly, Candles not included

SIZE 3       size 4" (102 mm) Diameter, 6" (15 cm) tall