Lighters & Tapers


Wax Tapers

Product Code 032
Pack of 35 wax lighting tapers. Approx 29 cm long. Picture guide only, Each taper lasts a long time (well over 50 candles can be lit with each taper).

Candle Lighter

Product Code 237
Attractive slim brushed steel candle lighter  packed as shown.  Works with ordinary lighter fuel (not supplied)  refills available at most newsagents,supermarkets etc.  Electronic ignition.   Design may vary from picture.
sticky spots

Sticky Spots

Product Code 061
Packet of sticky wax spots for holding candles in holders.  approx 15 spots per packet, reusable.

Eco Fire Lighters

Product Code 2367
Gillen Echo Cheap, virtually odourless environmentally friendly fire lighters, made here in our own workshops using recycled waste products from our candle making business.  Only £1.00 for 20 bricks.  Our fire-lighters are virtually odourless, and come with minimal packaging.  They do not need to kept in an air tight container.  They light first time every time with a match. Suitable for bar b q' s, wood stoves, real fires, etc.  Shape and colour may vary from picture as hand made . Some residual scent from recycled scented wax may be present in some batches.  They are made entirely from recycled waste wax from our candle making business.