Glass Chips Bulk Bag

Product Code 1865

Large 10 Kilo bag of Crackle chips which are actually small chips of quartz crystal dyed to vibrant colours.  Ideal for interior or exterior decoration, craft use, candle displays (A kilo is about 1800 chips).  Choose colours from drop down box, click more images for colour samples


Product Code 381
Bag of pebbles for decorating candle holders and display set ups.   Note as stones are natural expect some variation patterns in the stones. aprox 500 g bag. For colours see more imaged, choose colour from drop down box. Plate or candles not included.

Sand Jars

Product Code 528
1 x 500 g bag/jar of gravel grit/sand for decorating candle holders or displays. various available.  Choose colours from drop down box.  Click more images to see colours

Pot Pourri Un-Scented

Product Code 446
Bag of hand packed unscented pot pourri per kilo bag. Colours and style may vary from picture as product is a natural product subject to the plants and herbs.   Scent it your way by buying/using a  fragrance oil of your choice.  Pot Pourri is available in several base colour varieties.  Select colour from drop down box     Great way of having it your way!.  Packaging may vary from picture.  Please note colours are the base colour of the pot pourri only. 


Product Code 820
Bags of confetti in various designs. Most bags contain 14 grams each. Click more images for designs, drop down box for selection and prices

Bulk Nuggets

Product Code 1480
Large box of approx 1200 glass nuggets of any one colour.  Does away with all those small packets when making large displays for table centres etc.  Each nugget is approx 22 mm diameter.  "At last a decent amount of nuggets all in one go all in one colour".  Choose colour from drop down box.

Stone Chips

Product Code 2280

300 gram bag of stone chips, various colours with a hint of sparkle through them  note colours can vary as a natural product but are the predominate colour as stated.  Price is for one bag of one colour, click more images to see colour guide, select colour from drop down box when ordering.  )

Gel Flower Vase Beads

Product Code 821
Gel beads for decorating see through flower vases. For colours choose from drop down box.

Size: 7 x 17.5cm
Weight: 560g

Paper Doillies

Product Code 1949

Pack Size: 29cm x 39cm. Doyley Size: 26 x 34cm. Rectangle shape. Pack of 15. 

Silver Foil Board Round

Product Code 1950

A cheap alternative than glass plates to make up your candle display on.  For sizes and prices see drop down box.  Foil coated card board construction.  Heat resistant.  Ideal for glass tea light holders etc.

Foil Board Square

Product Code 1951
 Silver foil square board. Foil covered cardboard.  A great cheaper alternative to glass plates to make up your centre displays on.  For sizes and prices see drop down box
sticky spots

Sticky Spots

Product Code 061
Packet of sticky wax spots for holding candles in holders.  approx 15 spots per packet, reusable.

Chafing Candle

Product Code 2282
Chafing Candle in two burn time sizes.  Food warming candle.  As seen on TV Sold singly per size.  For sizes and prices see drop down box

Silk Rose Petals

Product Code 2478
Pack of silk rose petals, ideal for d├ęcor on tables etc, approx 1000 petals per pack high quality item