This section contains Lantern type holders for candles


Bell Jar Lantern

Product Code 1515

Bell glass jar candle lantern for T lights in the garden.

Size.Dimensions : Length (Depth): 9.5cm Diameter 8cm

For colours choose from drop down box. Tea lights not included.

Bottle Lantern

Product Code 2463

These recycled bottle lanterns can be hung overhead using the hooks provided or simply place on a ledge or table top creating a wonderful ambience once lit.Simply lift the bottle from the base and place a normal wax Tea-light candle in the holder provided. These look fantastic hung up in multiple colours around the garden.

Dimensions : Height 23 cm (9) Diameter 7 cm (2.7) sold singly per colour, for colours see drop down box and click picture for more images candles not included holds a standard t light

Lantern Hooks

Product Code 1176
Wooden handle lantern hook approx 8 Inches  long, for hanging a  lantern by hand. Popular with carol singers, processions etc.  Sold Singly, picture guide only.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Product Code 498

Bowl pumpkin shaped coloured glass lanterns for tea lights.

Dimensions : Length (Depth)  7 cm Diameter 7.5 cm

Choose colour from drop down box  

T Light Bauble

Product Code 2178
Hanging, T-Light Globe, 100 mm Diameter, clear glass, for tea lights , Sold singly

Bamboo Lantern

Product code 2365
Bamboo lantern candle. Height : 30 cm, Diameter: 9 cm
, please note this holder is made from a natural product therefore it may vary from   tone, texture, and shape between product.

Ring Lantern

Product Code 646

Ring lantern with or without glass shade as illustrated. 4.5 inches(11.5 cm) diameter. Available in black only. Shade colours available Red, Blue or Green.  Can be used with our garden crooks product code 363.  *

Total price including shade £6.09 each

Table Candle Lantern

Product Code 647

Table candle lantern available with our without glass shade as shown.  8 Inches (20 cm) tall. Available in black only. Shade colours available are Blue, Green or Red.  Can be used with our garden crook product code 362.*

Total price of unit including shade £7.30 each.

Garden Crook

Product code 362  

Simple Garden crook for use with lanterns etc, lantern not included 42.5 (inches) long (or 1.08 metres) metal, epoxy coated for damp resistance. Style may vary.

Stand available for this crook separately (if you don't have soft ground available)   Stand Base available for this crook, see more images for picture, you will not need a base if using the crook in the ground or pots etc.
1) Crook 1 (is suitable for the base has flat end to fit in base
2) Crook 2 is a spike end (does not fit in base) used for plain garden ground, sand, pots etc.
3) Base is suitable for crook 1 only.

Candle Lamp Post

Product Code 648

Candle lamp post suitable for table use.  Available in black only. 15 inches (38 cm) tall. British made. Supplied with glass shade. Choose colour of shade from drop down box

Wall Bracket

Product Code 629
British steel wall bracket, black epoxy coated for weather proofing.  12.75 inches long (32.5 cm). For hanging lanterns, candle holders, hanging baskets etc.  Comes in either black or white.*

Ring Single

Product Code 614
Single ring black holder, with tulip type fitting.  Glass shade available as extra to create a lantern effect out of it. Shade extra £1.45 available in green,red or blue.  Holder size 3.25 inches diameter (9.5 cm).*

Ring Holder

Product Code 613
Ring winkie type holder available as it is in black, or with a glass shade as extra for enhanced look. 8 inches long (20 cm). Shade colours available are red,blue or green.*

Candle Lamp

Product Code 1632
Candle Lamp without handle. 6 Inches diameter, 10.5 inches tall.  For colours see drop down box. For stick/dinner candles.*

Small Candle Lamp

Product Code 1633
Candle lantern lamp. For dinner/stick candles. 5 inches diameter, 10.5 inches tall. Black only.*

Miners Lamp

Product Code 1635
Miners lamp, can also be decorated with flowers for traditional weddings. 15 cm diameter bowl. For sick or dinner candles black only.  Click more images for more pictures.*

Column Flower Lamp

Product Code 1636
Column Flower Lamp, For use with flower decoration, see more images.  15 cm diameter  bowl. Black only. *

Arch Flower Lamp

Product Code 1637
Arch Flower Lamp, for use with flower decoration etc. 15 cm diameter bowl, Black only. Click more images for more pictures. *

Garden Stake Lantern

Product Code 1640
Garden spike lantern.  British steel. 1 Metre stem (39.4 Inches) Black For stick or dinner candles.*

Large Glow Globe (pair)

Product Code 1057

Large Garden glow globe which is designed to take a pillar candle inside as shown in front of picture for close up click more images.  Dimensions Top diameter 18 cm, Bottom Diameter 6.5 cm, Height 44 cm, sizes may very very slightly as product is hand made.  The globe is made of wax and will take a pillar candle up to 300 mm tall x 80 mm  diameter which sits in a recess in the bottom making it look like a large candle when lit.

 Sold in PAIRS only Due to transit packaging.

For flares & candle torches shown in picture see garden candle section

Garden Coil Hanger

Product code 318     

Black garden hanger, coated with epoxy to help protect against scratches and damp. Complete with inner glass tube to protect flame from wind. Black, British Made.*

Size 7.5" (19 cm tall)
Glass tube size 2" (5 cm) diameter x 3" (7.5 cm) tall,
Spare glass also available

Patio Lantern

Product code 317        

Patio black lantern. Complete with cup to hold night light, and inner glass tube to protect flame from wind. Finished in black, scratch & damp resistant finish.  High quality British made.*


6" (15 cm) tall ,
glass tube size - 56 mm diameter x 12.5 cm tall
spare glass tubes available

Hanger Style 1

Product Code 2424
Simple hanger for hanging your own lanterns.  This small hanger is 9.5" (24 cm) tall and will accommodate man types of hanging lanterns. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available in antique silver, black, copper-pewter antique, red, silver or white. Choose colour from drop down box.

Hanger Scroll 2

Product Code 2425
Large hanger is 13" (33 cm) tall and will accommodate many types of hanging lanterns although, because of its shape, it is particularly suited for use with square lanterns. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available finished in black, red or white.

Table Hurricane Holder

Product Code 2449
Perfect for use on the patio or in restaurants, this heavy glass wind light will take any small pillar candle up to 2" (50 mm) in diameter or a tea light. Overall, it is 4" (10 cm) in diameter and 5.25" (13.5 cm) tall. It is available in clear glass, or with a white frosted shade on a clear glass base.

Standard Garden Crook

Product Code 2494
Simple round wire hanger that is ideal for hanging lanterns in the garden; simply push the 35" (89 cm) long spike into the ground. It's also ideal for hanging nets of food out for the birds. 4.75" (12 cm) wide at the top. Manufactured in the United Kingdom from 6 mm diameter round wire and finished in a choice of black or white epoxy coating.Sold singly