Returns Policy

Terms & Conditions you may need are contained in the "after sales pack" emailed twice with every order placed.
If you require another pack or wish one posted just let us know the information is also duplicated on our website. 
The "after sales pack" should be referred to should you have
any queries or problems regarding your order after you have placed it or received it. 
In ALL cases, notification of any problem(s) with your order must be in writing to Northern Lights within 7 days of delivery.  This can be done by email or post, please include all the information on  the return form without this your claim may be invalidated
Returns forms can be found with your order, copies are also automatically sent with your original order confirmation and sales receipt.   Forms are also available upon request or on our website.  You can also make your own (all the information requested on the form must be included).  
Please include your invoice number or order number, your full name and address and  post code with all correspondence to prevent delays in dealing with your query
FAULTY GOODS   A returns form must be completed detailing each faulty item clearly and its fault. You will be advised what will happen next once your form has been received back at Northern Lights. DO NOT send goods back unless instructed to do so. 
DAMAGED GOODS (Please follow the same instructions as above and note the following):-
In order to proceed with any claim for damaged goods  we must have your notification of damage in writing within 7 days of goods received.  To do this we require the returns form back in the POST  with your signature on the bottom within 7 days. The form must also include details of the damage and confirmation the goods were not signed for ‘in good condition. Please note each unit that is damaged individually (e.g if you received 12 candles and 2 were damaged state 2 damaged).     Goods signed for ‘in good condition may invalidate any claim we can make on your behalf.   Goods damaged in transit must be kept for 7 - 14 days for the carrier to inspect or you may be required to allow Northern Lights to uplift them for inspection unless otherwise informed by Northern Lights.  DO NOT send goods back unless instructed to do so.  Once we receive your notice in writing, and returns form we will instruct you on what to do next.  You may be required to return the items upon request for inspection.
COOLING OFF PERIOD - Goods ordered in error or change of mind  by the customer can be returned for a refund providing they are sent back in their original condition  and you have notified Northern Lights  in writing within 7 days of receipt of goods of the intention to return.  No carriage can be refunded for the return of the item/s in this case this is at the buyer’s expense and proof of posting may be required.   Providing the above is complied with, your order will be refunded in full less any credit card processing charges within 30 days. 
  1. Goods Late -  If your goods have not arrive on time,  you can return them under "cooling off" clause. However please also be aware that  your order although normally sent out within 7-14 days  can take up to 30 days to arrive unless you have specified a date required by on your original order or we have agreed a specific date with you.  (this does not apply to customized made to order items).
These are all items marked with an * on the website.   
If the goods are signed for as received in good condition it will invalidate your claim. If you are unable to examine sign “unexamined before your signature”.  You have 7 days to notify us of any damage in writing, and 7 days to send back the returns form by post (postmark checked).  If you have signed for goods ‘in good condition  you may be able to claim on your credit card or household insurance.
ANY OTHER PROBLEM  - Please refer to customized additional information sheet e mailed with your order for specific procedures, also copy shown below. 
Please refer to our website “information” section for full details of candle safety, burning tips and instructions, also useful general product care.
“Get the best from your products”.

  Also refer to full terms & conditions
If you have a problem or query with your order that is not covered by the above, please notify us with the details, in writing,or by email  within 4 days of receiving your goods.   Please include your invoice number or order number
together with product code(s) you have problems with so our staff can deal with your query promptly. 
Northern Lights will endeavour to deal with your query/problem as quickly as possible usually within 24 hours of receiving your notification in writing.


Additional information Sheet


(all items marked with an * on the website)



1.      Cancelling your order – this can only be done within 2 days of placing your order.


2.      Candles are not the colour you  wanted - 



For specific colour shades we emphasize on our website under the colour chart guide on-line that should you require very particular colours/shades that you send in a sample of your colour to be matched with your order.  This service is free and avoids disappointment in most cases.


Our on-line colour chart is a guide only which can vary from computer to computer depending on screen quality. If you sent a swatch and you feel it has not been matched please also follow instructions as below.


As your order was a custom/made to order item it does not normally qualify for a refund or return unless actually faulty which in this case they are not - or the candles are a different colour from what was ordered, if you feel this is your case then please send ONE single unit from the batch only of the incorrect colour candle to be examined in our workshops.  If we agree the colour is incorrect by more than one shade or does not match your swatch we will replace the order for you.   Please where possible do not send glass holders with returned candles (only the candle). Please make sure you send your candle/s with a completed return form detailing the full problem with them and include all your order details. 


Important Before returning your candles please note the following information (also supplied at time of placing your order and noted on our website):- 


1) Paler colours which are scented are sometimes affected by the scent and may be dis-coloured slightly depending on the scent used but we will try to get as close to the colour chosen as possible for you.


2) Swatch matching will be done as close as possible, if your swatch was iridescent, pearlised or multi toned etc we will match to the predominant colour in it only. 


3) Candles left in the light can be affected by UVA, we advise that candles are kept in a cool dark place until ready to use to maintain colour quality.


4) If the candles arrived do not match a batch previously ordered then we can not be responsible if you did not send in a sample of the colour to be matched exactly chart matches can be a shade or two out and will be noticeable from batch to batch.  If you have ordered a sample colour that you liked and want more the exact same shade you must send one of the samples back for matching otherwise we can not guarantee an exact match.



In the meantime options available to you to change your order are:


A) Order refills/replacements in the exact shades you need by sending a new order together with a Swatch/sample of your colour/s so it can be matched more accurately for you.    


b) If refills are not available for your product then you will need to make a new order and send it in with swatches/samples of the colours you require to be matched more accurately for you.


c) Return ONE only of each of the candles you feel are the wrong colour to us with your complete return form (where possible do not send holders).




3.      Candles did not arrive on time;-


a) If you did not specify a date when your order is required by on your original order then candles usually arrive within 7-14 days of order but can take up to 30 days from date of order.  Order can not be refunded on basis of being late unless we agreed a date with you see below:-


b) You can specify a date your order is required by on your order or up to 2 days after placing your order by email in writing,  we will advise you if we can not meet your date. 


c) Goods can be returned for a refund using the “cooling off” clause if your goods did not meet a date “agreed” with us, this agreement of date must have proof  in writing with confirmation from us that we received it for us to validate a claim of this kind.


d) If we have agreed a date with you, please allow a day or two either side of this date for carrier problems, providing we have proof we sent your goods to you in time for your chosen date then we deem our contract was fulfilled to you.   Please allow a day or two either side of your date for a carrier to delivery, after this you may claim for a late delivery.


4) Any other problem - If you have any problem other than above noted with your customized order then please notify us within 7 days of receipt with the full details we will advise you then on what options are available to you.