Selection of favour ideas most of which are available customised with your own label etc. 

Don't see a combination you like from our standard range, then mix and match products & materials to suit your own taste. 

Email us with your ideas for a price.


Favour Gallery

View our gallery of wedding favour ideas here   

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We can change, or mix and match favour materials to make up mostly any favour design you like using any combination of our featured wedding favours shown below. Just ask for a quote with your ideas. 

Monogram Votive

Product Code 1022

Monogrammed votive in glass jar.  Organza bag not included Choose Letters from list. * Priced singly. Votive burn time aprox 10-15 hours. Non scented. Choose wax colour from drop down box. 

Organza bags available in our accessories department

Frame Text Votive

Product Code 1208
Clear votive holder with text inside a scroll border.  Votive candle included Ivory or White.  Up 15 words of text included.  Votive burn time approx 15 hour.  Choose scroll frame colour / style from drop down box. Click more to see more designs

Glass Votive

Product code 147

Clear glass votive holder, with ivory or white votive candle inside.  Wrapped with gauze or cellophane, tied with ribbon colour of your choice from our range, includes text label colour of your choice from our colour chart with up to 15 words

ALL included in the price of £3.95  Organza bag £1.00 extra for colours see drop down box



Small Pillar Favour

Product code 210

75 x 50 mm, 36 hour burn time white pillar candle.  Price includes wrapping, ribbon colour of your choice from list, picture on front of your choice or from our standard list.   You can also have text of your choice up to 15 words and or picture to print on the back of candle.(£0.40 extra).  We supply these in white or ivory wrapping other colours are available however only the white or ivory will allow the text to be seen through the wrap. 

Click more images for more examples.

Mini Candle Favour

Product code 058

One mini votive candle wrapped with your choice of wrapping, and ribbon colour from list.  Text label with up to 5 words.  colours shown on colour chart. Aprox 5 hour burn time.

50 mm high x 35 mm wide Aprox (3 cm High x 3.5 cm diameter) 5- 6 hour burn time

 Choose wrapping, ribbon, from drop down box, click more details to see options

Glass Tea Light

Product Code 086

Glass tea light holder with tea light favour.  Price includes ribbon & wrapping of your choice from the list

Top Hat Box

Product Code 710
Top hat box containing 2 tea lights, tea lights
can be colour of your choice. Text label can be added on bottom of the box.

Tux Favour Box

Product Code 717
Tuxedo favour box complete with one black and one white tea light as shown. *

Heart Favour

Product Code 673

3 Heart shape floating candles inside sheer organza drawstring bag.  Choose candle & organza bag colours from drop down boxes.

Click more images for more pictures

Larger picture

Tea Light Bag

Product Code 674

Sheer organza draw string bag with 6 coloured tea lights. Various bag & tea light colour's available from drop down lists.

Click more images for more pictures

Organza Votive Favour

Product Code 396

Votive candle with glass holder wrapped in shimmering fabric. Overall size of holder 75 mm x 50 mm. Candle burn time 3 hours, white, non scented.   Add to your favour by selecting one of the many options from the drop down boxes to make your perfect favour.  Price with all the options only £2.40 each.

Organza Printed Pillar

Product Code 509

Solid pillar candle aprox 75 x 50 mm (36 hour burn time) favour.  Price includes organza fabric and plain ribbon of your choice.   Add to this favour by selecting one of the many options available from the drop down boxes to make your perfect favour.

Total cost with all the options only £2.40 each

Gillen Mini Jar Customized

Product Code 2107

Gillen scented mini candle jar.  4 cm diameter x 5 cm high with gold lid, Burn time approx 8 + hours.  For scents choose from drop down box.  High quality soya wax.  This item is as for product 2106 however you can choose your own text ideal for wedding favours, corporate gifts , party bags and promotions etc.

Type your text into the text box, or email us with your order;

Text colour and style will be best matched to colour of wax inside e.g Darker wax will have pale yellow text; for specific text colours  or label designs please ask for advise otherwise standard text will be sent as appropriate.

Note we are not able to print in white,or metallic colours, unless using a white background label. For this service the set up fee is £50.00 for up to 50 units other quantity's price varies.

Gillen Mini Jar

Product Code 2106

Gillen Scented Mini Candle Jar.  4  cm Diameter x 5 cm High with gold lid.  Burn time approx 8 + hours.  For scents choose from drop down box.   High quality long burn soya wax.  (this item can also be customized see product code 2107), sold singly .  Stylish clear label showing scent on front included.

Small Shot Glass Candle

Product Code 2300
Flared shot glass candle.  Make ideal favours or table decorations.  Available in a wide range of colours from drop down box.  Approx 2 inches high 35 mm diameter at base; 1.5 inches wide at top.  Burn time approx 8 hours.

Printed Dinner 8 "Tapered

Product code 160

Gillen Decorated dinner candles, approx 8 hour burn time, 8 inches high, approx 22 mm diameter at base. Sold Singly.  Make great favours when teamed with our long organza bags.   See images at top of page for more pictures.*

Send in your own logo/design or choose one from our galleries, we can also design one for you. This candle can only have a small image or text on the candle on one side, for full printing and wrap around designs see product code

Please note candles are available in  white or Ivory cream only

Larger picture

Gillen Lotus T Light

Product Code 687
Gillen's Hand made lotus flower tea light, complete with glass holder.  Have this in any colour you like from the list.  Burn time approx 5 hours.  Sold Singly. Dimensions approx Holder size approx 3.5 cm height x 5 cm diameter.  *
Glass t light cup
Choose colour from the drop down box
For colour samples see our colour chart
If you do not see the colour you require you can  select "choose my own"  then send in your own colour sample to be matched advise us in the same box and send in your colour sample  to be matched with your order by email or post.  There is one off  set up fee for this service.

*made to order item

Glass Hearts

Product Code 689

Clear glass hearts candle. Overall size 40 mm diameter x 20 mm deep approx. Burn time approx 4.5 hours. Sold singly. for wax colour see drop down box. 

Gillen Ceramic Heart

Product Code 688

Ceramic white heart candle.   Makes a lovely wedding favour or small party gift. Sold singly. Click more images for colours,  size 2 inches diameter approx. burn time 2.5 - 3  hours

Ceramic white heart t light cup
Choose colour from drop down box
For colour samples see colour chart, 
If you do not see the colour you require you can select "choose my own" then send in your  own colour sample to be matched with a copy of your order by post or email.
*made to order item

Hand Bag Favour

Product Code 714
Gold, Silver , or White satin handbag shaped box Basic price includes either  two  tea lights or one church votive candle inside. Ribbon Colour of your choice from list.  Flower & text label detail optional extras. Overall size 5 cm wide x 5 cm high.* Text label on bottom.

Rose Candle

Product Code 715
White votive/pillar candle wrapped in metallic silver or gold tulle , tied with a mini white rose & matching ribbon.*

Mini Favour

Product Code 1060
Church votive candle wrapped in silver or gold trimmed tulle tied with ribbon of your choice. Approx size *

Round Box

Product Code 1070

Round box containing one  tea light. Price includes  1  x t light, 1 x bow, 1 x flower, ! x text label, select choices from drop down boxes, see more images for more pictures.  Each box is made with a bow (ribbon of your choice) and flower details in centre. Text label is mounted on the base of the box. text Label optional, mounted on base of box.

Tea Light Bag

Product Code 1118
Bag of 6 scented tea lights with ribbon & rose tied bag.  Choose colours & scents from drop down box. *

Gift Wrapped Soap

Product Code 558

Essential Oil, natural soap bar gift wrapped in various designs as shown.  Very attractive gift for mothers day, valentines, or weddings. Choose design from drop down box

choose single slice (soap scent will vary) or select the whole loaf using scents from product code 187 above wrapped and ready to go.

Fragrance Oil favour

Product code 004

one of our 15 ml bottles of incense oil wrapped in either cellophane or gauze, with ribbon colour of your choice from our chart, and your own text label with up to 15 words of your choice on it included in the price of only £1.99.
Note if choosing a bag you can not choose ribbon colour as well, ribbon is only for the cello or gauze wrapped favour.

Incense Pack

Product code 477

Pack of 20 incense sticks wrapped in cellophane, packed in a organza bag with draw strings, with holder included.  Also includes text label up to 15 words of your choice, add your words in comments box or by separate email.

Soap Favour

Product Code 448
Slice of essential oil soap popped inside an organza draw string bag. Makes very appealing favour pack. Soap slice size approx 3" x 5" (inches).  Choice of bag colours available.   Price includes soap,organza bag, & customized text label.