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Reduced price lines , limited stock and end of line ranges.  Items are from our on-line shops ranges, some items may be shop soiled, may have slight cosmetic appearance issues, imperfect packaging, etc.  

A real Aladdin's cave of bargains " the place to come for a bargain !"




Oak Candle Stand & Candle

Product 2501

One off huge antique heavy (oak) wooden candle/jardinière stand, complete with candle.

This item is and antique and came from as stately home. Very heavy huge stand with a candle to suit it thrown in for free.

Candle stand itself is beautifully finished hand turned wood.

This stand will bear a very few marks due to its age but is otherwise in excellent condition and will make a statement in many settings.  Candle size is Candle dimensions: 400 mm (40 cm) high, 100 mm (10 cm) wide approx 500 hour burn time. Soft grey colour.  Candle stand is Oak, Overall Height 950 mm (95 cm), Top Plate 235 mm Diameter (23.5 cm), Foot Plate 290 mm Diameter (29 cm). 

Blue glass nuggets

Product 2495

end of range blue glass nuggets 1000 g aprox in each bag


3 sacks left normally retail £4.99 per sack

Birthday Ring

Larger picture
Product Code 1154

Wooden birthday ring, holds 11 candles. Looks good on a party table. aprox 20 cm (candles not included) takes code 106 candles.

Normal price £13.99 bargain at only £4.50 one left only shop soiled box product inside immaculate. lovely item

Twisted Dinner Candle

Larger picture
Product Code 1784

Hand made traditional twisted dinner candles with fitted end.  Candles are  approx 8 - 10 Inches  x 2 cm diameter burn time approx 8 hours + Price is for one single candle

Silver left only

34 left in stock . normal price £1.00 each.

Pot Luck Bag

Larger picture
Product Code 202
Pot luck mixed bag of candles and or holders from end of range lines or shop soiled goods, all candles are good quality, picture is not representative of products which can range from lanterns, pillar, ball candles to tea lights, floating candle bowls, plates etc, at least £5.00 worth of products will be sent for only £2.50. 

Wooden Stars

Larger picture
Product Code 802

hand turned cedar Wood star tea light holders.  Sold singly.

2.5 inches diameter approx had turned cedar wood, Tea light included.

5 left in stock Reduced to clear,

Bin End T Lights

Larger picture
Product Code 2186

Bag of 20 bin end t lights, these are all good t lights but they have cosmetic issues, such as uneven colour, misshaped or dented.   For £1.99 you will get a bag of 35 assorted t lights from whatever is in stock,  with a minimum 4 hour burn time.  They are ideal for oil burners or t light holders where you do not need to see the t light.   Picture is a guide only.

Subject to stock

Dinner Candle Seconds

Larger picture
Product code 191

End of range, over makes, slight seconds.  Ideal for restaurants, catering etc. Candles range from, 8 hour burn time.   Excellent burn quality.  Candles will be in whatever colours, we currently have in stock at time of order, and may be straight and or tapered.  Candles may show signs of cosmetic imperfections.  Picture guide only. sold singly, assorted colours & sizes only.

Subject to Stock


Votive & T Light Holders Assorted

Product Code 2454

Assorted coloured glass votive and tea light holders.  If you are not fussy, and just want some lovely assorted coloured glass votive/tea light holders to scatter around your home these are ideal, more than half price these make an excellent bargain for brightening up your home.  Colours shapes and styles will be assorted. Price is per unit.  Holders may be in any colour patterned or plain subject to stock from our entire votive holder range. Picture guide only and is not necessarily representative of what will be sent.  Holders may be shop soiled.

100 in stock

Gift Jar Wax Melts

Product Code 1357

Calming and relaxing. Creating the perfect aromatic setting for therapeutic treatments. Melt
Melt time: 10 hours approx
Per jar: Hight: 8 cm , Diameter: 7 cm Weight 250 g
Per wax melt: 1 x 2.5 cm ( approx 16 pieces per jar)
Material: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Glass Jar

For fragrances see more images and choose from drop down box


Produce code 1727

Metallic and assorted confetti, stars, wedding, hearts, balloons, bells surplus stock, assorted colour in metallic  Normally £1.00 per pack.  Assorted only.   If you specify from one of the above shapes we will do our best to accommodate , Ideal for crafts,, etc. Approx 15 g packs minimum

Brand new in packets

100 in stock

T Light Scroll

Larger picture
Product Code 644X

Double tea light holder 14 cm tall. Black ,  very good condition.  Normal retail price £4.80 each,

2 left in stock £2.00 to clear

Tulip Rustic double sconce

Larger picture
Product Code 1972X

Double wall sconce, rustic copper antique stressed look.  For dinner or stick candles up to 22 mm diameter.normal price £12.00

 1 x left in stock, good condition

Dinner Wall Plate

Larger picture
Product Code 1562X

As new black steel heavy dinner wall plate candle holders (candles not included). Sold singly.  47.5 cm high x 5 cm wide. Normal retail price £6.50

2 left in stock

Turtle Soap Stone Holder

Larger picture
Product code 245

Heavy Soap stone  tea light holder,  Slate blue/grey colour, suggestive shapes only.  Sold singly, does not include tea lights. Size aprox of each 9 cm square.   Were £5.00 each reduced to clear £1.95 each  4 left in stock . Assorted Shapes left only

3 left in stock assorted shapes only

Simmering Granules

Larger picture
Product Code 474

Pack of 6 assorted shop soiled packs simmering granule packs for oil burners or ash trays.  Place a pinch or two in your oil burner instead of wax tables or oil.  These fine wax grains soaked in essential oils also make a nice scent when placed in the bottom of ashtrays to eliminate tobacco odours or even in the bottom of pot pourri bowls.  Various scents. 200 g per pack.  Place 1- 2 teaspoons in the well of an oil burner. Sorry assorted scents only, some packs have lost their labels.


2 packs of 6 left in stock normally £2.95 per pack bargain £2.00 for 6 Packs (bargain !) 

Solid 8" Straight Dinner Candle

Larger picture
Product code 364

Hand drawn Solid colour dinner candles.  In range of colours as shown.  These candles are solid colour all the way through to core and are very high quality.  single candle size approx 8" tall x approx 22 mm diameter base, approx burn time 8 hours +  .  

Sold in boxes of 12 of any one colour, click more images to see samples of colours. Non drip, Non smoke, 8 Hour burn time approx. Only colours shown in the more images are available (not chart matched).

Normal Price £12.50 per box bargain at only £5.00 per box of 12 limited colours only left, limited numbers also. hurry while stocks last !   Purple & Black left only



Pumice Stone

Larger picture
Product Code 1842

Natural pumice stone piece aprox 75 mm diameter each, normal retails at £2.00 per piece.

Bargain big box of assorted pieces total bits over 24  only £5.00, truly amazing natural product.

Minkie Holder

Larger picture
Product Code 265

Tiny wee willie winkie holder designed for chime or angel candles (product code 106) .  Great at carol services.  Can be used time and time again, British made in black steel.  Overall size 4.5 inches long.   High quality item.

Normal retail price £3.95 each


100 + left in stock


Charcoal Tablets

Larger picture
Product Code 1349

Tube of Top quality charcoal designed to quickly ignite, and burn even in damp or humid conditions (which some makes don’t).  (once burning put your tree resin on top to release aromas)  Always use a suitable container.  Sold in single tubes of 10

6 packs left in stock  Normal Price £2.50 per pack , 


Scroll Oil Burner

Larger picture

Product Code 1867

Height 110 mm, metal and glass oil burner.  Normal Price £4.95

Reduced to clear 2 left in stock

£2.50 each

Mushroom T Light Holder

Larger picture
Product Code 864

Mushroom glass tea light holder. 9 cm diameter, 9 cm tall, with heavy flared flat dish for tea light or small votive ( ie, 1220 mini votives)  with clear dome , ideal for outdoor or dinner tables.  Available in clear or frosted glass.

example will fit 8 or 4 hour standard t light or mini votives code 1220 , Normal price was £4.05 each

Reduced to clear 12 left in stock only £1.00 each clear only

Ceramic holders

Larger picture
Product Code 359

Ceramic red incense stick holders, neat and small

Reduced to clear normal £1.00 each now only 10p limited stock


Larger picture
Product Code 1894
Deluxe Dhoop. Dhoop is soft like plasticine but produces a truly exotic heavenly aroma. Made from a blend of pure Desi Ghee, natural herbs and  perfumes.  Pack includes a small tin tray to enable easy burning.
Reduced to clear now only 50p was £2.00

Tulip Vase Holder

Product Code 2481
  • Tulip Glass Vase. Size: 3.5"(Top Diameter), 3.25"(Bottom Diameter) 10"(Height) . Lovely heavy quality
  • Will  fit floating candles in 2" or 3", or pillar candles in 2" or 3"
  • 2 left in stock reduced to clear normal price £18.00

    Now only £5.00 each

    Basic Lamp Oil

    Product Code 346

    1 Litre bottle of clear lamp oil for oil candles & oil lamps,also suitable for bamboo oil garden torches.Packaging may vary from picture

    Reduced to Clear normal price £4.60  Priced to clear £2.00 per bottle

    Sky Lantern

    Larger picture
    Product Code 2189

    Sky lantern. Light Fuel cell, Allow to fill with Hot air And Release, sold singly,  white
    100 cm High.

    Sky lanterns are basically a small hot air balloon made from non-flammable tissue paper, a bamboo rim and a thin wire supporting a wick made from wax coated cloth. They are sold flat packed and once they have been opened and the wick lit with a match or cigarette lighter, the heat generated from the flame fills the sky lantern with hot air. After approximately 30 seconds the sky lantern has enough hot air to rise into the sky.

    A sky lantern will rise to a height of approximately 1,000 feet (300 metres) and remain lit for over five minutes. During this time the sky lantern may travel up to two miles depending on the wind speed. Once the wick has burnt out, the hot air inside the lantern gradually cools down and the unlit sky lantern falls gently and safely to the ground. As they are made from bio-degradable materials, the sky lanterns do not harm the environment.


    Priced to clear pack of 4 for only £2.50 white & red only , only 4 packs left in stock

    Roman Candle pair

    Larger picture
    Product Code 1798

    Not a true candle but only by name, it is a firework and requires caution when used as with all fireworks.  Very popular for cakes, and making celebrations go with a bit more sparkle available in silver or gold, 120 mm tall each sold in a pair of each colour.

    Normal price £5.95 now only £1.00 per pack of 2 to clear assorted gold and silver only 4 packs left in stock

    Pure Tree Resin

    Larger picture
    Product Code 1348
    The oldest kind of incense and in exactly the same form as used by the three wise men two thousand years ago.  
    In fact the use of tree resin as an aromatic substance can be traced back much further - over six thousand years. The smoky fragrance produced by burning resin on charcoal disks is quite unique and amazingly evocative.  Use in metal ashtray's or swinging brass incense & charcoal burners etc.  For scents and prices see drop down box, price colour & style varies depending on what scent you buy.  
    We only have 2 left at the massively discounted price of £1.00 per pack  Raw bag aprox 1kg in weight assorted Vatican mix normally retails around £45.00 only £4.00

    Owl Door Stop

    Product code 2509

    Cute little Hessian and fabric hand stitched owl door stop-.  This comes empty for you to fill with gravel, or sand yourself.  Approx 5 inches tall x 5 inches wide depending on how you fill it. 

    2 left in stock reduced to clear normally £4.99 each  now only £1.00

    Double Tulip

    Larger picture
    Product Code 1972

    Double scroll tulip dinner candle fitting.. Unit has screw holes for wall fitting (screws not included)* 12 inches approx long (width) 6 Inch high base plate.


     1 left in stock rustic finish can be sprayed with spray paints normally £15.99 each reduced to clear £2.00 each

    Rustic Wall Sconces

    Larger picture
    Product Code 2064

    1 pair of Rustic wall sconce for pillar or ball candles.  Sold singly.  These are wooden painted holders made to look like rustic metal.  Overall size 29 x 12 cm .  Price is for two.

    only 2 left have a rusty look which is deliberate. Can be painted Normally £10.00 each bargain £2.00 for 2

    Single Spiked Dish

    Larger picture
    Product Code 615

    Single spiked wall sconce. Silver Dish size 3.25 inches diameter (95 mm).  For wall mounting.  .  Unit has screw holes for wall fitting (screws not included)*

    Normally £12.00 each bargain at £4.00 each 3 left in stock silver ,


    Slim Holder

    Larger picture
    Product code 347

    Slim version of the tulip holder, same high quality British Made, scratch & damp resistant black finish.

    Size 1 32 mm diameter x 32 mm deep, base size 114 mm diameter
    Normally £5.65 each only £1.00 each shop soiled 2 left in stock

    Wall Plate Dinner Candle Holder

    Larger picture
    Product Code 1562

    British Steel wall plate with dinner candle fitting. (candle not included). approx 18 inches tall (47.5 cm). 5 cm Wide overall. Black only*Black


    Normally £5.00 each.  Now only £2.50 each 2 left in stock

    Single Tulip

    Larger picture

    Product Code 1973

    Single tulip dinner fitting wall sconce. For colours see drop down box and more images. Unit has screw holes for wall fittings (screws not included)* For dinner candles.

    Normally £9.95 each  £2.00 each 2 left in assorted colours only  but can be painted



    Six Circle

    Larger picture
    Product Code 641

    British made six night light circle holder. 17 cm diameter overall. Available in Black *

    Normal price £10.00 each.  We have 3 left clearance stock £2.00 each

    Triple Night light Stand

    Larger picture
    Product Code 643

    Triple night light stand on scroll legs. British made. 7 inches (18 cm) long. Available in black only.*

    Normal price £5.99 now 3 left at bargain of £2.00 each

    Ambiance Triple Tulip

    Larger picture
    Product Code 1549

    Ambiance triple tulip candle holder 25 cm (10" tall).  For dinner/stick candles etc.  Black only. British Made.*

    Normally price £10.95 we have 3 left shop soiled £2.50 each

    Wine bottle Holder dinner

    Larger picture
    Product code 366

     4 candle holder version available, see more images for picture. * Note we only have the 4 way holder left in our clearance line


    we have 4 left in stock in our clearance stock normal retail £15.99 each bargain at £3.00 each